The June supermoon: Why everyone in your life is in such a bad mood at the moment.

You might have noticed that Pam in accounting is particularly grumpy at the moment.

Perhaps Todd from IT is banging keyboards and saying ‘sh*t’ a lot.

Maybe you stubbed your toe this morning, burst into tears, and then went on a tirade about how life isn’t fair and how you hate Pam from accounting.

I mean… I did.

Possibly even the mere act of reading this post is p*ssing you off.

Well, you’re not imagining things.

Everyone is bloody cranky right now and they’re also crying. A lot.


You see, there’s a new moon arisin’ and it’s a super moon.

This supermoon is wrecking havoc on people’s moods and making them cranky mccrankisons with cranky lil’ crank faces.

It’s also making people feel sad and vulnerable and just generally really emotional.

Basically, there’s a big, dark ball in the sky and it’s p*ssing people off.

Lemme break it down for you.

At 5:43am on June 14 (that’s tomorrow morning) a new supermoon will rise and its darkened side will face us mere mortals here on earth. So not only will the sky be darker but our moods will be darker.

According to Elite Daily, our moods will mimic the moon and we’ll be tad emotional and, well, a tad lacking in self awareness.

So little things will seem like big dramas and we’ll start to plot the downfall of Pam in accounting, even though she’s just a sweet lady who likes to eat tuna for lunch.

The good news is… it won’t last long. I mean, hopefully.

Soon the moon will move through the rest of its 27 day cycle and you’ll be back to your normal chirpy self.

The new moon is also an opportunity for you to hit the refresh button and refocus your goals for the coming weeks.

And to maybe, just maybe, be a little easier on Pam.

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