Would you wear this?

There is something kind of juvenile about wearing a jumpsuit. It’s like you’re sending out a message to the world saying: I’m an adult and I’m not afraid to wearing a onesie in public.

Initially intended as a practical utilitarian garment during World War II, it’s surprising jumpsuits have lasted this long, as designers seem to have overlooked one major design flaw. You know what I’m talking about, the lack of er, accessibility when one needs to relieve oneself. Despite this inconvenience (who wants to be hydrated anyway?) the jumpsuit is back and all manner of A-list celebrities are donning them on the red carpet.

There is a however a certain art to wearing a jumpsuit without being mistaken for a playschool presenter or a mechanic and it involves wearing the highest heels you can handle. Long toilet breaks, super high heels, sound fun yet? I made the mistake of wearing a romper, a distant cousin of the jumpsuit, on New Year’s Eve. Let’s just say, I was fairly certain at some point I was going to emerge from the festival cubicle wearing less than I went in with.

In their latest incarnation, designers have updated the style by nipping in waists, lowering cleavage lines and adding sparkle in the form of metallic sequins. Take a look through our gallery of celebrities wearing jumpsuits, it starts off glamourous and starts to get a little less so about half way through.

Do you own a jumpsuit? Would you ever wear one?