Julie wins Masterchef and Poh wins Curtis Stone’s heart

MasterChef winner Julie Goodwin and runner-up Poh Ling Yeow.

Did you watch? I sucked up every morsel of the Masterchef final last night and I already feel a little bereft. I will miss it so. I’ve posted the clip of the final after the jump in case you missed it or want to re-live the excitement. There’s always something magic about the first season of a reality show that goes unexpectedly ballistic.

Remember how we saw that with Big Brother? Julie reminds me of Sara-Marie in the way that she’s an unlikely TV celebrity and a refreshing change to the usual pop culture diet of hot, young, blonde, cookie-cutter women. The whole show has been like that – a triumph of REAL reality over fabricated and sanitised reality. From the judges to the contestants and even the host. Nothing predictable about that lot…..

http://www.smh.com.au/ffxImage/urlpicture_id_1026898931632_2002/07/20/nat_saramarie21.jpgAs entries begin for the next season (which you can bet network 10 will rush into production and not a moment too soon), it will be interesting to see if subsequent seasons can recapture the innocent magic of season one. Remember how with Big Brother that first year the contestants just entered for a bit of fun and had no idea how huge it would be? Their expressions when they left the house were priceless – remember Sara-Marie emerging to a sea of bum-dancing people wearing bunny ears?


It was never quite as good after that. It became a magnet for posers and wannabes and it all became very self-conscious and trite. I hope that cooking and a genuine love of food remains the hero when Masterchef returns.

How has it changed your attitude to food? Are you tempted to enter? I heard someone on radio this morning say their 4 year old said “Mummy, what’s your key ingredient tonight?”

And did the right person win? And will Poh and Curtis get it on in LA?


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