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At 18, Julie Goodwin’s friend was in a horrific accident. During his hospital recovery, they fell in love.

Julie Goodwin has been a much-loved figure in Australian households ever since she won the first season of MasterChef Australia in 2009.

Since first gracing our screens 14 years ago, Goodwin has gone on to add author, radio and television presenter to her ever-growing resume. This year, she's taking on a new challenge as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars Australia 2024. 

But behind her culinary fame and dancing shoes, Goodwin has a heartwarming love story with her husband, Michael Goodwin, which has stood the test of time.

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How did Julie and Michael Goodwin meet?

Julie and Michael's romance began in January 1989, in the weeks between high school ending and university beginning. 

Julie, who was just 18 at the time, ran into her friend Chris, who was involved in a new youth group under the banner of St Vincent de Paul.

She decided to join, and at her first meeting, she met Michael Goodwin, who was known to his friends as Micky G. Julie was immediately struck by Michael, who stood out at 6.7-feet tall.

Recalling their initial meeting in piece she wrote for The Guardian, Julie shared, "Micky G, the tallest boy I had ever met, standing at six foot seven inches – two metres. There was colourful language and boisterous laughter."


She continued, "These guys were rough as guts, but here they were organising blanket and food drives for local people who were struggling. They were distributing sandwiches in Sydney city in the dead of night. They had hearts of pure gold, and they became my people."

A journey of love and family

In May 1989, Julie received the devastating news that her friends Michael and Chris had been involved in a bad car accident. "Their minivan had crashed head-on into a four-wheel-drive," said Julie. "The jaws of life were required to get them out."

With Michael's more severe injuries, he was hospitalised for more than a month, and during this time, Julie visited him frequently, developing a deeper connection.

"Over the weeks he was in hospital, while he was a captive audience to this crazy girl who kept skipping uni to visit, I learned everything else I needed to know to fall in love," Julie shared.

Michael and Julie Goodwin on their wedding day in 1995. Image: Julie Goodwin

Michael finally realised her feelings for him on his 19th birthday, September 1, 1989, when he made a classic move known as 'The Yawn.'

"Right there in Celebrations nightclub at Hornsby RSL, after a few dollar drinks, he yawned, and stretched, and when his arm came down it was resting tentatively on my shoulder," she shared.

The pair began spending more time together, bonding over their shared sense of humour, interests in football, and robust conversations about politics and bands.

One memorable night, Michael called Julie after dropping her home to share the sight of a beautiful moon in the sky — a gesture that cemented Julie's feelings.

"He kissed me goodnight — then rang to make sure I saw the moon," Julie recalled. "This 19-year-old boy, awed by the moonrise and wanting to share it with me — he was my human being. Here he was.

"That was 35 years ago, and he is still and always will be my human."

Overcoming challenges.

Julie and Michael were married in 1995 and have since built a beautiful life together, raising three sons: Joe, Tom and Paddy.

Julie is also a grandmother to Tom's daughter, Delilah, who she simply can't get enough of.

"I'm so grateful I get to have this important relationship with Delilah," Julie shared in an interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly. 

"It opens you up to things in other relationships. I got to see my first son be a brother, and now I get to see my sons become uncles. They're beautiful, they adore her."

Despite the demands of Julie's rising career and bumps along the way, her bond with Michael remained unshaken, thanks in large part to Michael's unwavering support for his wife on every part of her journey.

But like any long-term relationship, Julie and Michael have faced their share of challenges. Julie has been open about her struggles with mental health, particularly anxiety and depression. Through these difficult times, Michael's support has been steadfast, helping her navigate through and come out stronger.

Julie and Michael have three sons. Image: Julie Goodwin


In 2019, Julie took a step back from her career to focus on her mental health, and Michael was right there beside her, providing the love and encouragement she needed.

From their first meeting in 1989 to navigating life's ups and downs, they have shown that true love can withstand the test of time.

You can catch Julie Goodwin on Dancing With The Stars from July 7 on Seven.

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