"I am devastated": Julie Goodwin has been caught drink driving at double the legal limit.

Julie Goodwin has issued a statement following her arrest for drink driving on Thursday.

The 47-year-old 2009 MasterChef winner tested at double the legal limit and was charged with mid-range drink driving offences on the New South Wales Central Coast.

On Friday, Goodwin released a statement on the incident via her Facebook page, claiming she felt “great shame and regret” by what had happened.

“I accept full responsibility for this error in judgment [sic], which I believe is completely out of character for me,” she wrote.

She also acknowledged her fans, saying, “I have let you all down.”

“I am devastated that I have acted in a way so contrary to what I believe, to how I usually conduct myself, and to what I have taught my children,” she continued.

“Many lessons will flow from this, and I will learn from each of them.”

Goodwin was driving home after catering an event, when she was pulled over by police at around 8pm.

She initially tried to evade the random breath test unit by doing a U-turn while driving in North Gosford.

After being arrested and taken to the local police station, Goodwin’s blood alcohol level tested at 0.107.

The legal blood alcohol reading in NSW is under 0.05.

Goodwin will front Gosford Local Court on May 25.

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