Modern Family mum - Surviving my three boys is way crazier!

The star of Modern Family is a mum to three sons, and her stories about real life with those guys is as funny as the show.

Julie Bowen, 44, appeared on US talk show Conan O’Brien overnight and had the audience in fits of laughter as she discussed the perils and joys of raising three young boys.

The Modern Family actress is the busy mother of four-year-old twins Gutav and John as well as six-year-old Oliver.

When Julie isn't busy impersonating her co-star Sofia Vergara (Gloria) she happily opens up about her children and last night's interview was no exception.

When Conan asked Julie what it's like to live in a family as the only female with three boys and her husband she gave a surprising answer.

"I have to stay one step ahead of them or they'll kill me. God bless men, I love them. At a certain age they're not the brightest bulbs.

It's a little bit like being the lobster boy in the freak show. Any opportunity to sneak in when I'm taking a shower and just stare and wonder where 'it' is...they feel bad for me like I'm a freak because I'm a lady and I have lady 'business'.

But there is a return to the womb that's constant. They all just want to get back inside somehow..."

And that's just the beginning of Julie's honest responses.

Watch the rest of the hilarious interview below...

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