Modern Family’s Julie Bowen said she’ll never be as confident as Ariel Winter.

Julie Bowen and Ariel Winter play the intense and hilarious mother-daughter duo on hit TV show, Modern Family.

Winter has navigated growing up in the public eye, becoming a role model for young girls for her independence and body confidence.

But, in a revealing interview with, Julie Bowen tells that she has never shared the same securities as her co-star.

In fact, when she was 18 years old, her lack of self-esteem was almost crippling.

Julie Bowen when she was younger. Image via Instagram.

"I was the opposite of her when I was 18, I was a boyish little no hips, no boobs. Very lacking in confidence," Bowen said.

"I wish I’d had somebody around like her who is so confident in saying ‘Hey, I don’t fit this perfect ideal, but I still think I’m pretty damn perfect.’"

The 46-year-old is in awe of the woman Winter has become, never once having to offer career advice to her fellow co-star.

Rather, it was better if she stayed away.

Check out Ariel on Instagram. It's pretty awesome. (Post continues after video.)

"I have learned to get out of her way, because she knows what she’s doing and she’s very confident in herself."

Winter has previously faced backlash after she underwent a breast reduction, a decision she decided to share publicly.

The star at the time said she was tired of being sexualised and the constant public attention the size of her breasts attracted.

"Every article that has to do with me on the red carpet always had to do with ‘Ariel Winter’s Crazy Cleavage!’ Or ‘Ariel Winter Shows Huge Boobs At An Event!’ That’s all people would recognize me by, not, “Oh, she does great work on Modern Family,” Winter told Glamour.