Five things you should know about Julie Bishop, the woman who will never be our Prime Minister.

Well. Who really knows what the hell just went on in Australian Politics. A leadership spill has dominated the news cycle for the past few days whilst the Australian public looked on, confused to say the least.

But the results of the spill are in and Scott Morrison has come out triumphant, taking the country’s top job as the new Prime Minister of Australia.

Julie Bishop, who was arguably the most qualified candidate, was eliminated from the spill early on. At the time of writing, exactly what this means for her future political career is still unclear, but here is a look at some interesting facts about the Foreign Minister.

She has been married before.

Julie Bishop married property developer Neil Gillon in 1983, and in fact took his surname at the time. However after five years of marriage they decided to get a divorce and the lawyer returned to her maiden name.

Bishop is now in a long-term relationship with David Panton, who is also a property developer. The two have been together since 2014.

Like Julia Gillard, the first female Prime Minister of Australia, Bishop does not have any children. In 2013, she told News Corp that although she previously expected herself to have kids one day, her life just didn’t plan out that way.

“It wasn’t a decision — it is how life turned out,” she told the publication. “I feel incredibly lucky that I’ve had the kid of career that is so consuming that I don’t feel I have a void in my life.”

Julie Bishop and her long-term partner, David Panton. Image via Getty.

Her death stare is infamous.

The Western Australian politician has an icy wide eye gaze which has seen all sorts of people be on the receiving end, including Karl Stefanovic.

The look became famous during a 2010 episode of Q&A, when Bishop gave someone this death stare which says "you did not just do that".


And then there is also the "challenge me, I dare you" look, which she used against the Chasers that same year. This seems like a suitable one to deploy in parliament today.

Please, don't call her a feminist.

It may come as a surprise that Julie Bishop, a trailblazer in the political sphere for women, does not call herself a feminist.

She is the first female to be appointed the foreign minister for Australia, as well as the first female to be the deputy leader of the Liberal Party.

If feminism at its core is about ensuring women have the same economic, social and political opportunities as their male counterparts, then she certainly encapsulates everything that a feminist stands for.


So, she certainly is all for equal rights, but... just don't label her as a feminist, pls.

"If you want to know what I stand for, I am a Liberal. Where do I come from? I am a West Australian. What do I do? I am a foreign minister. Beyond that, I tend not to self-describe," the politician told Stellar in 2016. "I don’t call myself a Marxist, I don’t call myself a feminist, I don’t call myself a range of things. If others wish to, that’s fine."

She briefly studied at Harvard University.

Whilst Bishop attended the University of Adelaide, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1978, she also studied at Harvard Business School.

In 1996 she completed an advanced management program for senior managers at the prestigious University in Boston.

Talking about her career choices in 2013 to News Corp, Bishop said "At 37, that’s when I decided to go off to Harvard and did all these things, and it was very much about what I wanted to achieve in my life."

Julie Bishop loves fashion and her femininity.

Although she is not a feminist, Julie Bishop is unapologetically feminine. Her fashion label of choice is Giorgio Armani and she proudly owns a designer wardrobe. The foreign minister has even graced the pages of Vogue Australia, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire.

"I have always loved fashion and beautiful clothes and magazines and all of that, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a serious career and hold deeply complex, serious conversations about world events with people. To suggest you can’t do both is insulting," Bishop also told Stellar.

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