Julie Andrews admitted she hated a Sound of Music song.

Hint: It is incredibly catchy.

Well this changes everything.

Seventy-nine-year-old Julie Andrews – brilliant songstress, Queen of Genovia and the best damn Maria there ever was or will be – really, really hates one song from the 1965 movie that definitely still pays her bills.

Julie Andrews least favourite Sound of Music song
While she was dancing around hills, she was actually thinking how much she hated one of the songs from this film. Image via IMDb.

But what song? Surely not our favourite… The Hills are Alive?

Nope. Next.

Or is it that slightly annoying Sixteen Going On Seventeen? 

Nope. Try again.

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Andrews’ least favourite, most hated song was the strange, somewhat-of-a-power-ballad, I Have Confidence. And her reasoning? It just made no freaking sense.


“The lyrics were a bit inane,” she told US journalist Diane Sawyer.

“Actually, what I did, because I couldn’t make sense of it and I have to have lyrics that make sense, I decided the best way to sing ‘I Have Confidence’ was to go completely nuts with panic and fear.”

Julie Andrews least favourite Sound of Music song
Julie Andrews may have hated ‘I Have Confidence’, but she belted it out with a bucket load of the stuff. Image via Getty.

Look… we can’t really blame her. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the last line… “I have confidence in confidence alone. Besides which you see I have confidence in me!”

Good choice, Andrews. Good choice.

If you’ve forgotten what it sounds like, listen below. Warning: It’s incredibly catchy and you will be belting the terrible lyrics out around the office for the rest of the day.

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