Not everyone is happy about Julia Gillard's beyondblue appointment.

It’s been two days since Jeff Kennett announced former Prime Minister Julia Gillard would be taking over as chair of mental health organisation beyondblue.

And oh dear lord, has the internet responded with gusto.

“I feel even more sympathetic to mental health sufferers right now,” one man tweeted on Tuesday afternoon.

“How depressing!!!!” another commented.

Kennett, who served as the Premier of Victoria from 1992 to 1999, formed Beyond Blue in 2000 and has been the organisation’s chair since then. Gillard has served on the board since 2014.

“Beyondblue has become part of my DNA but about three years ago I realised it was time for a change of leadership,” Kennett wrote in the Herald Sun on Tuesday.

“My board and I wanted a person committed to the mental health sector, someone who opposes discrimination, with a national standing and profile, one who could knock on any door in the country and have that door open and, of course, who is a good communicator.”

julia gillard beyondblue
Julia Gillard and Jeff Kennett together in 2010. Source: Getty.

"Julia Gillard joined our board in mid-2014 and, having been raised by a father committed to his work as a psychiatric nurse, she has a natural attachment to the mental health sector and as prime minister introduced the National Disability Insurance Scheme, which is increasingly providing assistance and dignity to thousands," he continued.

Despite the glowing reassurance of choice, much of the public does not agree with Kennett.

"The worst decision Beyond Blue could have made. My family and I now consider this organisation null. I will NEVER EVER refer a friend, or anyone struggling with mental health to Beyond Blue. Gillard has just burnt down countless bridges you could have made with Australians," one Facebook user wrote on the beyondblue Facebook page.

julia gillard beyond blue
Julia Gillard will take over as chair in July. Source: ABC.

"I'm most concerned that the personality of Ms Gillard isn't conducive with the BB message. She is clearly extreme in her feminist view. If she doesn't in fact hate men, she definitely comes across as though she does. Male suicide rates are devastatingly high," another comment read.

"As someone who does suffer from clinical depression I was a supporter. No longer though. Take your Gillard and shove it," read another.

Listen: The many complexities of reporting suicide in the media. (Post continues after audio.)

"It's entirely appropriate that former PM Julia Gillard has been appointed as head of Beyond Blue. She certainly managed to depress me," one Tweeter wrote on Wednesday, to which another replied, "Oh yes she depressed all of Oz."

Others have said they will no longer donate to beyondblue out of protest.

julia gillard beyondblue
Just a few of the many comments on the beyondblue Facebook page. Source: Facebook.

"Jeff Kennett, what the hell were you thinking? What a very cynical joke," a man known only as Mike wrote in a letter to the Herald Sun editor.

So what's behind the hate? Is it because she's a woman? Is it because of her Prime Ministerial record? Is it because she's different - in more ways than one - to Kennett, who is synonymous with beyondblue?

It could be all three, or it could be none of those things.

But one thing's for sure, if anyone can take criticism on the chin and keep moving, it's Julia Gillard.

What do you think of the appointment?