After almost two weeks of rescue efforts, two-year-old Julen Rosello has been found dead.

On January 13, two-year-old Julen Rosello stumbled into a deep borehole while his parents prepared a picnic nearby in the mountainous area near Totalan, Spain.

Following a cry when the toddler fell, he had not been seen or heard from since, despite extensive search efforts.

On Saturday, the body of the two-year-old was found.

Prior to finding the body, it was confirmed the toddler was inside the well through a DNA test of a hair found in mud excavated from the well, which is reported to be 100 metres deep and only 25 cm wide.

The borehole Julen Rosello fell down.
The borehole Julen Rosello fell down. Image: AAP.

Permission to dig the well had not been sought, and the well was unmarked.


The community gathered to support the family through the tireless search efforts.

julen rosello spain
Neighbours gather to show their support for the family of toddler Julen Rosello. Image: Getty.

The lead engineer overseeing the operation, Angel Vidal, said rescuers were "incredibly motivated" to reach the boy as soon as possible.

"We're not bothered by the hours, the tiredness or the lack of sleep," he said last Saturday.

"[The family] are facing this final phase with great strength and have told me above all they have never lost hope," their spokesman Juan Jose Cortes said yesterday.

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