Some of Australia's best female voices singing 'I Am Woman' together? Yes please.

Funny woman Judith Lucy’s ABC series Judith Lucy is All Woman wrapped-up last night. Determined to end on a high, she rallied together some of the country’s best female voices to remind us of how kick-ass all women are.

The song they chose to sing? Helen Reddy’s classic “I Am Woman” of course.

Just some of the fabulous talent who took part.

The singers included Ella Hooper, Vika and Linda Bull, Bertie Blackman, Deborah Conway. Lisa Miller and Justine Clarke even make an appearance. So, basically, as much Aussie talent as Lucy could physically fit into three minutes and 44 seconds.

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Through the series, Lucy tried to find out what life is really like for different women in Australia. Last night, she delved into the future to see what her retirement years might look like.

It all culminated in a pretty beautiful video that included Australian women, young and old, celebrating their gender.

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Watch these brilliant songtresses’ sing about being strong and invincible below. Get ready to feel seriously empowered:


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