Here is the news … from a single mother doing it all.

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She delivers good and bad news every night on ABC TV.  And she has to do it looking composed, calm and gorgeous.

But outside of that, Juanita Phillips is a single mother with two young children.  The reality of her life is pretty far removed from the polished performance she gives on TV.  But as she says, an hour and a half in make up does wonders.

This week on our podcast I Don’t Know How She Does It the TV presenter and journalist gives the most frank, account about what it’s like working full time we think we’ve heard.

Juanita Phillips

It involves making dinner at 6am (because her young babysitters might be good with the kids, but they don’t even know how to boil pasta), checking Twitter while she’s in the supermarket aisles, and flopping into the makeup chair somedays having not showered.

She even did this interview with wet hair. Which makes us love her more.

You can listen here on iTunes and below on Soundcloud:

Juanita reveals the one thing that keeps her sane, the greatest challenge of being a single mother, and why she is the most low maintenance TV person in the world.

This is the podcast for any woman who has looked at another and thought “how does she DO all that”? You’ll pick up some tips to make your life easier, and laugh at the reality behind the polished facade of this professional woman.

We think she may have the world record in the number of babysitters she’s had too.

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