The Grammys red carpet dress everyone is already talking about. And not in a good way.


Joy Villa has done it again.

Last year at the Grammy Awards, the singer-songwriter and outspoken Trump supporter turned up in a gown which read ‘Make America Great Again’.

And this year she’s used her frock to make a controversial anti-abortion statement.

The 26-year-old is, unfortunately, impossible to notice in her white gown emblazoned with a rainbow foetus on the main part of the skirt. She’s also carrying a clutch bag which reads ‘Choose Life’.

Villa, who is also a Fox News contributor, posted on social media that she had hand painted the dress and the clutch herself.

It didn’t take long for her outfit choice to be widely criticised on social media.

Not to mention, many are confused by Villa’s statement and have pointed out that she’s actually a member of the Church of Scientology, an organisation which allegedly forces its members to have abortions.



So, how about you take a look at all the non-offensive looks on this year’s Grammys red carpet, instead.


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