Josh Thomas and Lena Dunham were getting on like a house on fire until his email response destroyed it.

The month was January when one Joshua Thomas (local Aussie comedian who plays with his hair a lot**) and one Lena Dunham (global megastar icon, author, actress and screenwriter) really hit it off.

“The sense of humour is just so high level,” Lena gushed to News Corp in the summertime. “And I would love to work with him.

“I’m like this is the best thing I’ve ever seen why is no one talking about this,” she said. “It’s truly amazing and the fact that it’s not winning every Emmy in the world is insane.”

The feeling was mutual.

The duo engaged in a lengthy email chain and planned to dine together in Dunham’s home – the quintessential sign that you have Made It in the US of A.

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They were basically dating, except for the fact that Josh is gay, and Lena is practically married, and they weren’t dating at all… they were just exchanging emails.

You get what I mean – things were going well.

But then, to the world’s collective horror, things went very, very wrong.

“I thought that me and her were going to be friends,” Josh admitted with a number of hair flips on Wednesday night’s installment of The Project. “We were going to hang out a few times but she kept having to cancel to get surgery on her uterus.”

You see, Josh sent an email. And it was bad. Pretty bloody bad.

“I sent her an email saying, ‘You know for such an outspoken feminist, you sure do blame a lot of things on your uterus’.

For those unaware, Lena Dunham has suffered from endometriosis – a chronic condition that affects the reproductive organs – since she was a teenager.

“She didn’t reply,” Josh finished.


“But that’s a pretty funny joke, right? … Like it was clear that I was kidding, right? … Guys?”

You might want to ask your ex-best friend Lena that question, pal.

** I actually love the hair flip. Please never change, Josh.