Jordan. Smart or tragic? Please discuss.

I’ve always been quite interested in Jordan / Katie Price. In the same way I’m interested in Pamela Anderson. There’s something honest about the way they exploit themselves to charicature proportions. In it’s fakeness, it somehow feels more real than the semi-fakers like Paris etc.
There’s a great profile of Jordan in the New York Times magazine:

I regret to inform you that Katie Price plans to put her
removed breast implants up for auction on eBay with a minimum bid of
one million pounds; that her reality show is a continuing success on
British television; that her three autobiographies, all written before
she was 30, have been No. 1 best sellers; that her endorsed product
lines of lingerie, jewelry and perfume are about to be joined by
housewares and baby clothes — and that her original renown springs not
from any distinction as an actress, dancer, singer or … anything, but
from a career as a topless model.

In the future, everyone will be famous for blah blah blah — you’ve
heard that one — and now here is yet another account of someone who is
famous for being famous, albeit one who has transcended the genre. It’s
not too late to stop reading and turn to the article about wind farms.

Read the profile in full, here….


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