A fan was able to screenshot a vital clue during the Game of Thrones' premiere.

Game of Thrones returned to our screens last night with the first episode of Season Seven.

If you were lucky enough to watch it uninterrupted, you would have seen that it was a bumper episode, featuring a solid check up of where everyone is and a cameo from a certain ginger-haired singer.

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But there’s something big you might have missed – and it involves a potentially huge discovery by Samwell Tarly.

Image: HBO

It was spotted by eagle eyed fan Beastmodekait, who posted a screenshot on Reddit of the page from the restricted book Tarly was reading about dragonglass in a bid to learn more about defeating the white walkers.

However it could have an even more immediate impact - a cure for greyscale.

As we watched poor Sam go about his tedious and quite frankly gag-worthy tasks cleaning out bed pans of patients, we were reunited with the hand of an old favourite - Jorah Mormont, who left Queen Daenerys Targaryen in search of a cure for that very disease.

Image: HBO

The premiere episode showed us he'd made it to Oldtown and his arm had got significantly worse.

Providing Sam puts the pieces of the puzzle together, he might be Jorah's hope for a cure.

In the screenshot, the passage mentions tales of dragonglass being used as a potential cure for an illness when it is ingested.

Image: HBO/Reddit

So why are fans getting excited about the theory?

Cast your mind back at the only other character we've met who suffered from greyscale - Stannis Baratheon's daughter Princess Shireen.

Image: HBO

Although she had the marks of the disease, they had managed to maintain it and keep it from spreading to the rest of her body.

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And where did she live? Dragonstone, an island made out of dragonglass.


While it's unclear whether it will actually work or whether it needs to be ingested or it's enough to be surrounded by it, things are potentially looking up for Jorah and mean he may soon be able to return to Daenerys' side.

At the very least, he's got little to lose.

Now can next Monday hurry up please?