An innocent photo of Jools Oliver with her baby has sparked a massive online backlash.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was just trying to wish his wife – and the mother of his five children – a happy 42nd birthday, but his Instagram tribute was soon marred by fans ‘attacking’ the family over their choice of baby carrier.

Jools was pictured with the couple’s youngest son, River Rocket, who was placed in a front-facing baby carrier.

Among the birthday messages from fans were comments expressing concern over the fact the carrier may be bad for her young baby’s hips.

“River doesn’t look particularly cosy in that pic. Should never front face!” wrote one fan, while another urged Jools to “never use that carrier again”.

“It’s not ergonomic for child…Use a carrier that support from knee to knee!” the comment continued.


“I agree not a good choice of carrier…I know you educate about food…but let other educate u about ergo carriers (sic),” said another.

Others jumped to the defence of Jools and her parenting choices, asking her fans to stop “spreading misinformation”.

“Narrow base carriers are perfectly safe if baby has no pre existing hip conditions. If mum and baby are happy and comfy there is no reason to disparage their choice,” wrote a fan.

Feature image via Instagram (@jamieoliver). 

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