New mum Jools Oliver has been attacked for her latest Instagram photo.

Jools Oliver recently gave birth to her fifth child with husband Jamie Oliver, though you might not know it looking at the photo she posted on her Instagram account today.

That’s because the 41-year-old shared a snap that didn’t feature her perfect newborn baby boy (although thankfully there have been many that do) in favour of one celebrating her perfect new trousers.

“Finally ‘almost’ fitting into these gorgeous trousers, so comfy post little baby and beyond. Think we have finally found our perfect trousers,” the designer captioned the photo, tagging a friend.

While most of Oliver’s followers were chuffed for her, some were surprisingly unimpressed with the pants and, apparently, with Jools’ post-baby physique.

“I am currently pregnant with my second baby,” one wrote in the comments section. “And every minute of every day I’m scrutinising my weight. Pictures like this DO NOT HELP!”

“Shouldn’t you be more concerned with bonding with your child rather than how quickly you fit back into your jeans?” another tsk’d into their smartphone.


But Jools, bless her, refused to engage with the “ridiculousness” — after all, who could be angry in the world’s most relaxed slacks?

“Honestly it’s about the trousers!!! I didn’t even think about the weight!!!” she wrote in reply. “For god sake I still have heaps to lose… my T-shirt hides a lot.”

“The waist of the trousers is elasticated!!!! So prob would have fitted when I was 9 months pregs! As for bonding with my baby… I feel no need to address this ridiculousness.”

A perfectly English response from a new mum who just found her perfect pair of trousers.


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