Married at First Sight's Clare confirms Jono was "cheating" on their honeymoon.

It might have been marriage at first sight, but it apparently wasn’t commitment, with news emerging that Married at First Sight’s tradie would-be-husband Jono Pitman was already cheating on new “wife” Clare Verrall on their “honeymoon”.

Jono was also already involved with somebody before he was “married” to Clare on the show, Clare told New Idea.

This confirms the anonymous source who spoke to Mamamia last week and who provided the name, Instagram account and backstory of the other woman.

The source told Mamamia that Jono, 28, was dating Melbourne woman Rachael Baxter prior to filming.

Jono Pitman with alleged girlfriend Rachael Baxter. Image supplied.

New Idea has now confirmed the mystery woman as being Rachael Baxter.

The source also told Mamamia that Jono's relationship with Baxter ended before filming began but has since been reignited.

Clare, 31, told New Idea that Jono had been messaging Baxter prior to appearing on the show and that communications were exchanged during the honeymoon.

"I know he was in contact with her prior to the show." Clare said.

"It’s a girl he was with for a while and she was contacting him on the honeymoon!"

Rachael Baxter posted a picture of herself online. Image supplied.

The source who spoke to Mamamia said that Jono had no intention of marriage but had agreed to go on the show for the fame it would give him.

"He was still texting her [Baxter] while he was 'married'," the source said.

The source also said that Jono had contacted Baxter during an overnight break from filming.

When New Idea asked Clare if Jono and Baxter were still an item, she said she was unable to comment on the matter.

Keep in mind this is the man who after seeing Clare walk down the aisle had told the cameras she was "not what I ordered".

If you can't remember what that looked like, we've grabbed it for you here.

Are any of us that surprised?

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