The JonBenet Ramsey TV movie had some very, very creepy moments.

Just in case you didn’t think the horrifying 1996 murder of six-year-old pageant queen JonBenet Ramsey has dominated media headlines enough, we now have a bizarre TV movie to add to the mix.

Dropping shortly after ID’s JonBenét: An American Murder Mystery and CBS’s investigative mini-series The Case Of: Jon Benét Ramsey, American channel Lifetime has created Who Killed JonBenét?. 

And, well… it’s kinda creepy.

Here we go again... (Image: Lifetime)

The movie appears to be largely based on a book penned by disgruntled detective Steve Thomas, who resigned from the police force in 1998 after becoming disillusioned with the case.

Given Thomas openly pointed the finger at JonBenet's family - mother Patsy, father John, and brother Burke - it makes for some uncomfortable viewing, particularly given the fact the Ramseys were cleared of the crime in 2008.

The ethics of asserting a family who has been recognised by the courts as innocent as guilty is murky at best, and yet that's still not the most confronting part of Who Killed JonBenét?. 

These were the weirdest moments...

1. It's narrated by JonBenet.

A-yup. The entire story is told in the sweet, cherubic voice of little JonBenet (played by child actor Payton Lepinski).

That included spine-tingling, possibly cringeworthy metaphors, too.

“One time, as a joke, Daphne hid from her family... but when I disappeared that morning, I wasn’t hiding. And I wasn’t joking.”

It's a risky move some have slammed as "too far" and "disturbing", and we're still not sure how to feel about it.


2. The case made against the Ramseys is biased.

Because Thomas drives the drama, very little is done to explore theories that contradict the idea Patsy and John were behind the death of their daughter.

Instead, the idea that the family knows exactly what happened is purported quite strongly. At one point, Patsy is shown to 'peek through her fingers' to make sure the police notice she's sobbing.

Patsy is shown to 'peek through her fingers' to make sure the police notice she's sobbing. (Image: Lifetime)

The producers even go so far to depict Burke as a crazed sociopath.

In one scene, JonBenet's older brother was shown discussing his sister's tragic death calmly, before then spiralling into a meltdown when his psychologist accidentally took a sip from his can of Coke.

3. The hugs comment.

Aside from pointing fingers at the Ramseys, an unusual comment about Fleet White - a family friend whose Christmas party had been attended by the Ramseys that night - made viewers nervously shuffle in their seats.

"That's my dad's best friend Fleet White," JonBenet says at one point, adding, "He gave the best hugs."

The strange choice of words could be interpreted as the writers muddying White's name, and suggesting there was an illicit relationship between Fleet - who was accused of sexual abuse by a woman in 2000, but had the allegations quickly discredited - and JonBenet.

See? Creeeeeepy.

Meshel Laurie discussed JonBenet's tragic passing with her father John on her Mamamia podcast, Nitty Gritty Committee. You can listen below.