Married At First Sight's Scarlett finally tells what was in those texts to Jonathan.

You remember the moment. Married at First Sight, Season Four. Jonathan rolls over in bed and scrolls through his phone for the camera. On it, the string of text messages he’d exchanged with Scarlett, a fellow cast member who was absolutely, most definitely not his television wife.

“We should be matched, we’d be cute as sh*t,” the Brisbane entrepreneur said. “Can we swap? Is that a thing?”

Those messages marked the end of the then 29-year-old’s relationship with his expert match, Cheryl. And now, thanks to screenshots snapped by Scarlett we know what they said.

Now-deleted images shared to Instagram by the NSW promo girl show dozens of back-and-forth messages they sent after exchanging phone numbers at a group dinner party. Cheryl ended up sleeping in a different room that night, and revealed she was unhappy in the on-screen marriage.

“All I can hear is her [ going between gossip and yelling in another room but I’m yet to hear her say ‘I didn’t compromise / I was being too faced to the camera’,” Jonathan allegedly wrote. “Anyway… life… I tried.”

Jonathan and Scarlett MAFS. Image via Channel 9.

After some bonding over their mutual love of a good ol' cuppa' ("Like literally love tea." "Same!"), the messages turn back to Cheryl.


"I didn’t sleep with her," Jonathan allegedly wrote.

"I asked her… are you even attracted to me… she just said no. [sic]”

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It wasn't until the following day's commitment ceremony that Cheryl took him to task over his secretive behaviour. Speaking of the messages, she said, "It's a dog move and I'm so betrayed by you. Both of you."

At the time, Jonathan told The FIX, "We were purely talking about how bad my situation was and how bad her situation was and just general conversation," he said. "I was in communication with Scarlett purely based on the fact that she could communicate better."

jonathan scarlett text messages

Scarlett told the outlet the saga began when she noticed him crying at the dinner party the night before the commitment ceremony.

“And he said to me, ‘I just feel so lost, and I have no one to talk to’. I was like, ‘Dude, you can talk to me. I’ll give you my number and you can just vent. I’m here for you’," she told The FIX.

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