The Jonas Brothers are reuniting. Here's 6 things you forgot about your teen boyfriends.

VERY IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS: the Jonas Brothers are back.

For anyone born outside the years 1981 and 1996, the easiest way to explain who the Jonas Brothers are is that they’re the Hanson of the millennial generation.

Comprised of three brothers – lead singer and occasional tambourine player Joe Jonas, back up singer and guitar player Nick Jonas, and guitar player Kevin Jonas – the Jonas Brothers were the family pop/punk/christian rock boy band many millennials will remember having stuck on their school books, saved as their computer desktops and playing on their iPods.

Here’s some reminders in case you can’t quite remember…

I give you, the Jonas Brothers. Image: Getty.
Here we have Joe Jonas, the charasmatic lead singer who the oldest one in your friendship group had a crush on. Image: Getty.
This is Nick, he was the quiet, brooding, creative one. Image: Getty.
Then there's Kevin. No one really... liked Kevin. Sorry Kevin. Image: Getty.
The Jonas Brothers went through many unique style phases. Here, we have hippe 1920's Englishman. Image: Getty.
This is punk rockstar chic. Image: Getty.
jonas brothers
Then the Jonas Brothers grew up a little bit and started wearing suits. Bless. Image: Getty,

When the teen band who blessed us with tracks like Burnin' Up, Year 3000, When You Look Me In The Eyes and Hello Beautiful (to name a few) broke up to pursue separate solo careers in 2013, hearts around the world were crushed to smithereens.

Not even being hyperbolic. It was quite devastating for JB fans like, erm, this writer.

The oldest brother Kevin, now 31, mostly returned to a life out of the public eye and has two children with his wife, hairdresser Danielle Jonas (nee Deleasa).


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The middle brother Joe, now 29, released his own music with his band DNCE, worked as a judge on The Voice, and is currently engaged to Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner.


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My Valentine gets a surprise birthday party because she’s the fucking best. ????

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And the youngest brother Nick, now 26, also released solo music, became somewhat of a 'sex symbol' and married actress Priyanka Chopra in the most extravagant days-long wedding celebration in December, 2018.


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Now, six years after the band parted ways, we have some bloody great news.

On Friday, Joe, Nick and Kevin announced on Twitter that their band Jonas Brothers is reuniting with a new song called Sucker.



Aside from new music, their return brings with it a wave of teenage nostalgia for the crushes we spent hours pinning poster of to our walls and watching on YouTube.

So for old time's sake, here are six things we all forgot about the Jonas Brothers.

1. The Jonas Brothers wore purity rings.

Part of the Jonas Brothers' appeal was their pure, good guys image, which was hooked off the fact all three brothers wore purity rings to indicate they were saving themselves for marriage.

While some thought this was good marketing, it made sense considering their father is a pastor and the family was active in their church community.

While eldest brother Kevin continued to wear his purity ring until he married Danielle in 2009, both Joe and Nick Jonas took theirs off and spoke publicly about that decision.

In 2014, Nick said on a Reddit Ask Me Anything live video stream that he "didn't fully know what he was stepping into" when he started wearing his purity ring as a teenager, and later made the decision to stop wearing it after forming his own views.

2. Nick Jonas dated Miley Cyrus... and Delta Goodrem.

If you didn't want to be Miley Cyrus in this photo, who were you? Image: Getty.

The Jonas Brothers came up in their careers around the same time as many other former Disney channel stars like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus (now officially Miley Hemsworth).

The youngest Jonas Brother Nick dated Miley - their couple name was 'Niley' - from 2006 to late 2007.


After Miley, Nick reportedly was involved with Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Olivia Culpo and... Aussie singer songwriter Delta Goodrem.

It seemed like the most random celebrity couple at the time, but Nick and Delta dated for 10 months before breaking up in early 2012.


3. There was a Jonas Brothers reality TV show.

This was a... thing. Image: E!.

Between 2012 and 2013, there was a Jonas Brothers reality TV show on E!, the same network that airs Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The show was called Married to Jonas and followed the interesting(?) lives of Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle... being married.

Younger brothers Joe and Nick featured in a few of the 16 episodes, as did their parents Kevin Jonas Sr. and Denise Jonas.

The show was sadly cancelled at the end of the second season.

4. There were two Jonas Brothers movies.

Like many of their Disney channel colleagues, the Jonas Brothers capitalised on their teenage fan base by starring in not one, but two movies.

The first was a Disney channel movie released in 2008 called Camp Rock.


The film starring Demi Lovato was about a music camp called... Camp Rock. It was corny as heck, but 8.9 million viewers watched its premier, making it one of the most successful Disney channel movies of all time.

Then, in 2009, the Jonas Brothers released Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, a 3D film of one of their concerts with behind-the-scenes footage. This was a huge deal for any Jonas Brothers fan who couldn't get to a concert, and this writer might have watched it several times.

UGH. Image: Getty.

5. Kevin Jonas' name is... not Kevin Jonas.

This is a bit random, but it's important to note Kevin Jonas' real name is not actually Kevin.

The name on his birth certificate is in fact: Paul Kevin Jonas II.

Apparently, Joe, Nick and Paul didn't have a great ring to it, so it was decided Paul would use his middle name Kevin professionally.

6. There's a fourth Jonas brother.

Poor 'lil Frankie. Image: Getty.

Yes. There is a fourth Jonas Brother.

Dubbed the 'Bonus Jonas', Frankie Jonas was only five years old when his older brothers started Jonas Brothers in 2005.

Frankie is now 18, is also a musician and has an Instagram account.


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They grow up so fast, don't they?

Were (or are) you a Jonas Brothers fan? Are you excited about a Jonas Brothers comeback?