Radio host narrates Melbourne Cup like a fight with your kids: The race every parent needs to see.

The day after Melbourne Cup can be a challenging time. Day drinking is back to being a taboo, and maybe you’ve woken up with a hangover, and calling in sick would look bad.

However, chances are if you have school-aged children, none of this will apply to you. Not even a little bit… (although here’s a guide to parenting hungover should you need it).

Instead, you’ve probably woken up on Wednesday morning to tackle the mini marathon that is getting your kids fed, out the door, and on their way to school on time.

One man who understands this daily struggle is Jon Vertigan.

The host of Ace Radio program, The Morning Rush, stars in a skit that makes light of the daily complaints (and ridiculous horse names… Wall of Fire is a bit dramatic innit?) that you’re no doubt familiar with.

Inbetween the balancing act that is conflict resolution, serving breakfast, encouraging familial communication (oh so important to child development), all while leaving the house clothes unscathed, and hair brushed (them and you) it’s nice to know that someone else is one your side.

The two minute clip makes for hilarious viewing, and we recommend gathering all your parent friends and playing a good old fashioned game of bingo. Our favourites thus far include…

“Have you unloaded the dishwasher?” (obviously not)

“Will you put that bloody phone down?” (don’t know why I still bother asking)

“Don’t slam that door” (will you please think of our ear drums)

“It’s not fair”, “your room’s a mess”, “you’re not going” (these really speak for themselves don’t they?)

LISTEN: A discussion about developing a morning routine for the whole family, kids included. Post continues below.

Perhaps Vertigan said it best: “God we love them but it’s a toughly fought out race this one isn’t it?”