The internet's most hilarious responses to tonight's Game of Thrones reveal. (Spoilers!)

Warning: This post contains spoilers. Big spoilers. Ruin-your-life-type spoilers. 

Are you sure?

OK, read on at your own risk

There we go, hello people who have watched tonights episode of Game of Thrones and/or are potentially about to kick themselves for continuing to scroll.

It’s been a rough few months, hasn’t it? The one question that’s been on every GOT fan’s minds is: Is Jon Snow alive?

At the end of Season Five, we watched Kit Harrington’s character, Jon Snow get stabbed an alarming amount of times by members of Night’s Watch and bleed out in the snow.

Surely he couldn’t still be alive. No way. Not possible. Uh-uh.

But he is. Jon Snow is alive.

That’s right – his eyes are open. And he’s breathing sexy, sexy breaths. 

  Kit Harington has apologised for lying to everyone. As the GOT Gods intended, the internet is now freaking the flip out. 


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Even the celebrities have lost their minds over it.

Some responses have been truly original.




WATCH: Kit Harrington has apologised for his filthy LIES to fans:

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