'First day feels.' Man's mortifying mistake on his first day of work goes viral.

The first day at a new job is always nerve racking.

Which means any mistake you make can seem… a little mortifying.

Thankfully, wandering around the office lost or forgetting the name of someone important is no biggie compared to the hilariously awkward mistake Jon Caña made during his first day as a digital marketer at Essence in San Francisco.

Jon turned up on his first day pleasantly surprised to find a welcome pack and card from his new team. So far, so good.

Things got even better when he returned to his desk later to find a bouquet of flowers had been left for him.

He was so stoked he asked his manager to take a couple of (extra af) photos of him with his flowers and uploaded the pics to Twitter.

Then… things got awkward.

Jon’s first day was in OCTOBER and he told Buzzfeed he honestly thought nothing of it until this week.

Jon discovered the flowers were placed on his desk by accident – they were intended for a colleague going on maternity leave but no one had the heart to put him straight for FOUR MONTHS after his photo shoot and proud social media post.


Jon won’t ever live this down – especially now that his post has more than 263,000 likes on Twitter.

A few days later he posted a photo of himself with another bunch of flowers after being trolled by a pregnant colleague.

We’d normally say ‘poor Jon’, but judging by the lovethirst in his Twitter replies, this has actually worked out well for him.

Jon also explained that one of the goals of his company is to go viral… So… tick?

Give him a raise – and a bouquet.

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