Johnny Depp is definitely not over the Pistol and Boo saga.

Ah, Johnny Depp. Looks like he is not going to get over the Pistol and Boo saga anytime soon.

It’s been a tumultuous ride with us Aussies, hasn’t it mate? First we weren’t cool with you and Amber Heard bringing your pups, Pistol and Boo, into our country against the law, and then we made you both participate in the world’s most stilted, uncomfortable, cringe-worthy apology video about it.

But good LAWD it’s a delicious 45 seconds of entertainment.

It’s incredibly clear there’s no love left between you and the Most Determined Protecter Of The Landz/Biosecurity enthusiast/constant giggle machine, Barnaby Joyce.


So much so that you've gone all Captain Jack Sparrow on us and drawn out your pirate sword for Round 79401049103 today.

In case you missed it: Johnny veered off track at a promotional event for his upcoming film, Alice Through The Looking Glass, and in a slightly confusing rant discussed his battle with The Evil Tough Guys from Down Under (you, me, The Court, Barnaby Joyce, etc).

"I would really like to apologise for not smuggling my dogs into England, because it would have been bad thing to do," he told the audience.

"Because the Australians – though chipper – and, y'know, kind of – you know, they're chipper, and they're..." he explained, trailing off.

Rightio, then.

Does anyone else also reaaaaaaaaally want to know how that sentence was going to end? Or is that just me? We're chipper and what, Johnny? Chipper and WHAT?

You can watch the full, confusing rant in all of its confusing, ranty glory below...

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