Harry Potter fans are furious about Johnny Depp's latest movie role.

It’s the kind of news that might have been met with cheers and celebratory memes if it came out a year ago.

However, the rumours that Johnny Depp has been cast in the next Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them film have been met with a swift backlash.

Deadline reports the 53-year-old will star alongside lead Eddie Redmayne in the David Yates-directed film.

Fans have clawed the actor on social media with allegations of abuse (in reference to claims made in the wake of his split from actress Amber Heard) and calls for the role to be re-cast.

The role he will play is yet to be announced but fans are speculating it will be Gellert Grindelwald — the original dark wizard who was defeated by Albus Dumbledore before later being slain by Voldemort.

Several fans are pledging to boycott the franchise if the Pirates of The Caribbean actor is indeed playing a starring role.

The reaction may be due to the domestic abuse allegations that surrounded the star earlier this year or they could be drawn from how he snuck his dogs into Australia and then parodied our immigration laws.

The casting news is yet to be confirmed by JK Rowling or Johnny Depp’s management, so it could just be a rumour.

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