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Australia reacts to MAFS' Jonethen and Connie's last date. It was the wholesome event we needed.

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We’re six days away from Sunday night’s season finale and MAFS fiiiinally brought out the drama.

A lot of things happened during tonight’s episode. Ivan, Josh and Michael dredged up that dinner party fight in which Ivan allegedly asked them to bring up his sex life, however, denied doing so after Aleks got mad.

We’ve heard this conversation approximately 27 times and it still hasn’t gone anywhere. Tonight was no exception.

Aleks discusses her side of the infamous dinner party fight. Post continues below.

Video by Channel 9

There was drama during the girls’ night out, too. Hayley and Stacey also rehashed a fight about Stacey not really being a lawyer, but this time, Lizzie got involved. There was a lot of shouting, finger-pointing and two storm-offs.

Amongst all the crazy though, it was Amanda who gave us the most bizarre, yet oddly relatable line of the episode.

“You mention anyone’s children and you’re going to feel the wrath of them. I’m not a mother but I have a pet cat and I’m sorry but if anyone picks on my pet cat, you’re going to feel it,” she said.

And yes, we do somewhat understand.


After the boys’ and girls’ nights came the final dates. Drew and KC cruised around Sydney Harbour on a luxury yacht. It was nice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but it was Connie and Jonethen’s date that we must discuss.

Connithen (it’s a thing now) took a yellow Kombi van to the beach where Jonethen went surfing in a pair of swim trunks with Connie’s face on it. Their Bachelor-esque picnic dinner leads to a heart-to-heart conversation and all cynicism aside, it was adorable.

johnny and connie mafs
Osher is a second away from filing a cease and desist order, but we'll allow it. Image: Channel 9.

Jonethen then gifted her a pair of seashell earrings and a certificate that said they adopted a penguin together named 'Connithen'. After a week spent social distancing, this was the most romantic thing we've ever half-watched while scrolling through Twitter.

It's evident they will not leave the show as a couple, but it'll be the best conscious-uncoupling we've seen since Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin circa 2014. May they go on to adopt a whole waddle of penguins.


Here's how Australia reacted to the episode.







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