Nikki Francis Coslovich: John Torney found not guilty of murdering Mildura toddler.

John Torney has been found not guilty of murdering his partner’s daughter, two-year-old Nikki Francis Coslovich, in their Mildura home in Victoria’s north-west.

The toddler’s body was found in the roof cavity of the family’s home a short time after she was reported missing to police in August last year.

Mr Torney was charged with murder but he maintained it was the child’s mother and his partner, Peta Ann Francis, who killed her.

He admitted to the Supreme Court that he had hidden the little girl’s body in the roof.

But he denied prosecution claims that he killed Nikki while Ms Francis was out running morning errands.

He said he had cuddled the girl when he found her dead and cried, before putting her body in the roof.

The court heard the toddler was bashed to death but her injuries were consistent with a car crash or from falling from a great height.

The jury took three days to find Mr Torney not guilty of murder.

More to come.

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