John Oliver just went Clive Palmer and how embarrassing for all of us.

Well. John Oliver has decided to go Clive Palmer and, mate, what took you so long?

The Last Week Tonight host appears to have stumbled across the shit-show that is Australia’s election campaign, which is highly embarrassing. For all of us.

He began with the Steve Dickson scandal, a One Nation candidate, whose political career came to an abrupt end after footage emerged of him groping and making disparaging comments about a woman in a US strip club.

Footage of Tracey Grimshaw saying, “It’s a bad look and very bad judgement for a man that campaigns on family values,” was aired, before John Oliver suggested that perhaps that kind of behaviour is a bad look for literally anyone. 

Everything you need to know about the Australian political scandals that have plagued this election. Post continues below. 

But then he turned to Clive Palmer, the head of his own United Australia Party, and DAMMIT who told John Oliver about Clive?

He drew comparisons between the candidate and the United States’ President, Donald Trump, describing him as a “brash businessman pushing a populist anti-establishment post”.

Yep. Pretty much sums him up.

Oliver drew on infamous footage of Palmer on the Today show last week, where he yelled at Deborah Knight for no reason.

“We’ve got to stop the FAKE NEWS,” Palmer shouted, before throwing around slogans like, “God bless Australia,” and “Put Australians first”.

He went on to remind Knight of how rich he is, and how that means he doesn’t “give a stuff” what people think about him – which feels like something you should definitely care about if you want an entire nation to vote for you, but okay.


But Oliver then turned to Palmer’s… billboards… which definitely have some copyright issues.

His slogan is simply, “Make Australia great!!”, which seems oddly familiar.

“Notably,” Oliver says, “It doesn’t say ‘Make Australia great again’.” Unlike Trump, it looks like Palmer would like to make Australia great… for the first time.”

You can watch the segment right here. Post continues. 

Luckily, no one seems to have told Oliver about the time Clive Palmer texted everyone trying to convince us to vote for him, before promising to stop the unsolicited texts if we just elect him. Please.

Or about the ads, which were clearly filmed in one take, given Palmer stumbles over his words and isn’t entirely coherent.

Or the rogue poetry he shared on Facebook a few years back, with such gold as:

Black dog

Black dog



White moon

White moon




But I never left you

…. Cool.

Can we all agree we’ll keep those details to ourselves? Thanks.

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