John Farnham proves he really is The Voice and prank calls his fans.

If there’s ever a voice you want to hear during a prank call, it’s John Farnham’s.

Farnham has revealed that whenever he was playing one of his many sold out concerts at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, he would work the phones in the hours between soundcheck and show time.

The Daily Telegraph has reported that his many die hard fans treated the arena as his default home address. Many of them would send the singers cards and gifts at the venue.

Watch John Farnham sing ‘You’re The Voice’ at the 2003 ARIA awards. (Post continues after video.)

Video via ARIA

“I would get a fair bit of mail at that venue, a lot of thank you cards and some of them included phone numbers,” Farnham told the Daily Telegraph.

“So I might make 30 phone calls in an afternoon; it was good fun.

“Some people didn’t believe it was me so I would sing a song to them and I got passed around the room to talk to the whole family a bit. And there were screams and tears, I loved it.”

“So I might make 30 phone calls in an afternoon; it was good fun.” (Image via Facebook)

However, the singer admits it wasn’t so much he was punking his fans as wanting to surprise them with a personal thank you.

Well played, Farnsy.

And just so you know, you can call us anytime.

What’s your favourite John Farnham song?