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Joe is the most respectful man on The Bachelorette. He's definitely not going to win.

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This season of The Bachelorette has been fairly low key, especially compared to last year's hectic series with Angie Kent.

There has not been one sexist politician, men storming off in chicken suits, or long-haired larrikins with large personalities.

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Sure, there have been a few, less dramatic dips; like that time Becky and Elly kicked out Pascal and James' wee 'last supper' tanty, but mostly, it has been much more wholesome.

Which has meant there hasn't been that much to... write about.

But as the series progresses, we're preparing ourselves more and more for a feeling of déjà vu. 

Because Joe Woodbury is the best man on this season, and he's not going to win.

Joe, from Newcastle, briefly dated Elly before coincidentally (yeah, right) meeting her again on the Bachelorette red carpet.

This gave him an advantage, obviously, and Joe has sailed through the season pretty easily, forming a strong connection with her despite not receiving a single date.

Joe's been upfront about his strong feelings for Elly since their first chat; about how he feels she's the one who got away, etc. etc. etc.

Basically, he has major feels.

Image: Channel 10. 


But Joe's really shined in his interactions with the other men, who have consistently grilled him over his past with Elly.

James and Frazer in particular have seemed obsessed with getting to the bottom of their pre-Bachie relationship.

But Joe, no matter the pressure, has stayed consistent: He's not prepared to tell them anything more than Elly is comfortable sharing. It's not up to him to share that kind of personal information and he doesn't want to disrespect her.


Sure, watching the women take down a dude for sl*t-shaming and making gross comments about their looks is satisfying - but imagine a world in which men like this were not cast in the first place.

It might come as a surprise but women enjoy watching men on TV who aren't d***s. 

At the Halloween party group date last week, an 'anonymous' question asked Elly about her and Joe's past. 

She shared they spent a 'weekend together', and reiterated this didn't mean there was an unfair playing field, although her answer left some unsatisfied.

At the next cocktail party, Frazer, Adrian and James quizzed Joe about what a 'weekend' meant and the extent of their 'hook-up'. Again, Joe wasn't prepared to share details.

"Elly's answer - that's my answer," he said.


Increasingly, the other men have become more frustrated and irritated by the lack of information - even though they have no right to be jealous or possessive about something that happened before they got out of the limo on the show's first night.

They asked again (anonymously) during Wednesday's 'last supper' and Elly wasn't prepared to divulge any further information, and Joe backed her on that.

Meanwhile, ol' mate James was muttering swearwords under his breath like a real champ.

Through this entire ridiculous storyline, the show has shown Joe as a respectful, genuine bloke.

Which means Joe is not going to win.

Last season, the public fully backed Timm to win Angie's heart, though it was obvious from the beginning that Carlin would be the chosen one.

The producers really ramped up Timm's storyline and portrayed him as the kind-hearted larrikin we were all rooting for. This meant we watched our favourite (who at that point seemed SWEET, and KIND, and DESERVING) have his heart broken, and we... cried, he cried, Angie cried.


There were a lot of tears.

The editing this season has seemed less... obvious. Maybe that's just because Joe is a... subtler personality. He hasn't yelled at any cows, yet.

But of Elly's choices, he's still come across as the most worthy partner.

Unfortunately, we knew how the season would play out from the very first episode. It's pretty much impossible to avoid spoilers for these shows, and we know Frazer is Elly's chosen man, with Joe being the one dumped in the final episode.

Which means... we're going to watch AGAIN as the one we've been conditioned to back gets his heart stomped on at the final hurdle.

On the bright side, Bachelor in Paradise has been cancelled, which means Joe won't be given an opportunity to show himself as a f***boy like previous fan-faves. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

We'll just continue to like him, blissfully unaware of whether his goodness was just crafty editing, thank you very much.

Feature image: Channel 10.