'Joe Donor' has already fathered over 100 children. His goal is to impregnate 2500 women.

‘Joe Donor’ is on a “tour down under” as part of his goal to impregnate over 2500 women.

He travels the world with his “business of producing babies”, donating his sperm to women unable to conceive. Now in Australia, he has arranged to meet 15 women across the country.

He claims to already father over 100 babies and has a Facebook page where he posts pictures of women’s pregnant bellies as a result of his service.

On Twitter, the international sperm donor promotes his “donation successes” with videos illustrating the babies “identical laugh” and similar features.

On tonight’s episode of 60 Minutes, reporter Liz Hayes will sit down with Joe Donor to understand his motives behind driving around the country to donate his sperm.

In a segment called ‘Babies at First Sight’, Hayes uncovers why this man’s behaviour is so dangerous for women’s health.

The most alarming detail that emerged from the teaser, apart from his goal of fathering 2500 babies, is his preferred method of insemination.

For “maybe half” of Joe Donor’s clients, the insemination occurs via unprotected sex. This method is free for the women who agree, unlike for those who opt for the artificial way.

During the segment, Hayes accuses Joe of being “arrogant and dangerous”, and “so dismissive of women’s health”.

“The real risk is that a woman will die a spinster without a child,” he says.

“The real risk is that you’re totally deluded,” responds Hayes.

Joe Donor
"The real risk is that a woman will die a spinster without a child." Image via Channel Nine.

Lawyer Stephen Page tells Hayes of the problematic nature of Joe Donor's endeavour, saying, "He shouldn't be playing the role of God towards desperate women and their kids".

As Channel Nine explains, he is not bound by rules or limits due to the fact that his services are offered privately. Hence, without the legal necessity to complete adequate medical checks, his "business" is heavily criticised.

But Joe Donor is dismissive of the fact he's putting vulnerable women's health at risk, saying "I don't really see it as a problem".

"I mean, even a monkey can raise a baby."

60 Minutes airs tonight after Married at First Sight on Channel Nine at 8:30pm.