Even Joe Biden has a favourite Obama-Biden 'bromance' meme.

In the wake of Trump’s election win, and in the wake of the outrage and disbelief that inevitably followed, much of the internet realised humour was its best weapon against Trump’s power.

So they transformed former Vice-President Joe Biden him from a high-brow political figure to the star of thousands of clever, witty memes.

There were the ones that poked fun of Trump’s “tan”:

The ones that made Biden appear like the ultimate mischievous 10-year-old with no desire to make Trump’s transition easy:

And, of course, there were the memes that highlighted Biden’s close friendship with former president Barack Obama:

Then, there was my personal favourite (in case you care):

For all the thousands of memes Biden found himself the star of, there’s one that he holds closer to his heart than the others.

Listen: Why we need a kinder world post-Trump’s election. (Post continues after audio.)

Speaking to Moneyish, Biden’s daughter Ashley said her father’s favourite meme depicts himself and Obama embracing while their partners hug in the background.

The caption jokes about the amount of time the duo spend together:

Ashley said her father didn’t know he had unwillingly become the star of the internet, and that when she told him about them he “sat there for an hour and laughed”.

He certainly wasn’t the only one.

Do you have a favourite Obama/Biden meme? Let us know in the comments.

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