"Even now as a 41-year-old grown ass woman, I always think I asked for it."

Content warning: The following post contains themes of sexual assault and abuse which may be triggering for some readers.

Adelaide radio host Jodie Oddy has worked in the media for more than 15 years and knows how powerful her voice can be.

But the current co-host of the Mix 102.3 FM breakfast show was still hesitant to join the growing chorus of women sharing their own stories of sexual harassment after news that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein had been accused of decades of abuse.

In a powerful message to her listeners, Oddy said that even as a “41-year-old grown ass woman”, she still held shame and guilt about her experiences.

“I think the major problem with it all, I thought somehow this is my fault, like I did something or I brought it on myself,” she told listeners.

“Even now… I always think I asked for it.”

jodie oddy radio
Jodie Oddy has worked in Australian media for 15 years. Image via Mix 102.3.

But Oddy felt that enough was enough, and broke down as she told her co-host Mark Soderstrom and listeners why she finally wanted to speak out.

"I thought about my daughters and I thought, I'm in a position where I have a voice to say I never, ever in my life want them to have to sit in front of a computer screen and write #MeToo," she said.

She then listed all the times she felt she had been harassed or betrayed by the men around her.


"To the family friend who tried it on when I was a little girl and betrayed everyone's trust around me, then #MeToo," she said.

"To the teenage boyfriend who was verbally abusive and dragged me out of his car and pinned me up against a wall and had his fist up to punch me in the face, then #MeToo."

Oddy also called out men in the media who had "systematically bullied" female employees and failed to protect her when she was abused for just doing her job.

"To the media guy who systematically bullied female employees, he was known for it, and I particularly enjoyed the day he called me a 'whore' in front of all the staff, then #MeToo," she continued.

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"To the organisations who did absolutely nothing when there were crude sexist and degrading comments made about me in the course of me doing my job, there's a big #MeToo.

"And finally, and this is the one I'm probably most ashamed of, to the media man about town who scared the life out of me when he pinned me down and tried to kiss me against my will...#MeToo."

Despite admitting she felt "acute embarassment" at having shared her stories with the country, Oddy acknowledged that it would be worth it to help just one listener "find their voice".

If you or someone you know is experiencing sexual or domestic abuse, please contact 1800 RESPECT. If you are in immediate danger, call 000.