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Jodi Anasta has no plans to give up her married name.

It was only in December when Jodi and Braith Anasta announced their trial separation.

However, in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Jodi has firmly denied she has any intentions of changing her last name back to her maiden name, Gordon.

“I don’t know why people think I ever changed it [back],” the actress and model said.

“I want the same last name as my daughter. I have no problem. I am an Anasta. It’s a done deal.”

Throughout the separation, both Jodi and her former husband, Braith Anasta, have spoken so beautifully of one another, not creating any more animosity.

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“It’s really hard for me to comment on that stuff [her separation] without causing a drama, to be honest,” Jodi says.

But, “We are still supportive, and we can do things as a family.

“[Braith’s] an amazing father, he really is. He has been a great support to, too. I feel pretty lucky having that relationship at the moment, and especially with it being so early, I feel lucky to have that.”

The interview follows her daughter’s, Aleeia, second birthday where Jodi and Braith took her to the zoo together.

Happy Bday to the most special person on earth- I love you to the moon & back!!????????

A photo posted by Jodi Anasta (@jodigordon) on Mar 1, 2016 at 2:54pm PST


Aleeias two so we are off to the zoooooo….. ???????????????????? #poetry #atitsbest A photo posted by Braith Anasta (@braith_anasta) on Mar 1, 2016 at 2:58pm PST

Both Braith and Jodi have acknowledged the break-up was not a surprise to them, with Braith saying they were at different stages in their life.

“I think Jodi did sacrifice her career for me when we got married and I’m very grateful for that…I wanted more kids and it wasn’t for her at that time in her life,” he said in an interview last year.

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