Jodi Anasta gets very candid with the Morning Show about body shamers.

Following on from her recent separation from husband Braith, Jodi Anasta has been the subject of a great deal of fear and speculation regarding her weight.

Earlier this week, there were claims her apparent weight-loss had prompted department store Myer, to whom she is an ambassador, to request she ‘start eating’.

But now Anasta has spoken to shut down those rumours.

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On Channel 7’s The Morning Show, the former Home and Away actress dismissed any concerns over her weight. “Women have to own their own bodies and you do everything you can to stay happy and healthy,” she told The Morning Show. “As girls I say we all stick together, we support each other, and we just do the best we can for our bodies.”


The focus on Anasta’s dwindling weight reached overdrive this week, following the release of images of her in a pink bathing suit. “Attention has turned to you this week hasn’t it, Jodi?” asked host Kylie Gillies. But the concern surrounding those photos is news to Anasta. “Has it?” she responded. “I don’t actually know what you’re talking about,” she laughed. “But when you talk about body image I know what you mean.” Clearly the emphasis on weight and health in the entertainment industry reaches far beyond on pair of bathers. “That’s when I say girl power, that’s when we should be supporting each other.”

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A spokesperson for Myer told Fairfax media, Anasta will remain an ambassador. “It’s important for us to have healthy brand ambassadors and models to showcase our range of fashion,” they said.”We are comfortable with our current group of ambassadors.” Earlier today, Anasta headed off to the store’s Autumn Winter 16 launch.

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Model and former Australian Next Top Model contestant Cassi Van Den Dungen has been outspoken about the danger of body shaming, no matter what the subject’s size. After walking in an Alex Perry show in 2014, the designer said that putting Van Den Dungen on the runway was a “serious lapse in judgement”.

Van Den Dungen has come out in support of Anasta, telling Fairfax, “My comments on Jodi are: ‘Leave her alone’.”

Echoing Anasta’s comments about health on The Morning Show, Van Den Dungen said, “Just because you can see a few rib bones does not make her unhealthy. Go talk to a doctor about it, I have and I was told it’s ‘perfectly normal’.

Van Den Dungen wants people to know about the emotional impacts: “When people use the words ‘gaunt’, ‘skeletal’, etc. it hurts.

“We have so much pressure in our lives to be perfect, to be honest no one is, we should be celebrating all sizes, big and small.”

Van Den Dungen said that while some may look to ‘plus-sized’ models like Tess Holliday for inspiration, others idolise Anasta.

“The only opinion that should matter on your weight or size is your own. If you’re happy, feel healthy and loving life, stuff everyone else’s opinions,”

Anasta’s  manager Sean Anderson told Fairfax yesterday, “Jodi is aware that her weight is of interest to the media and appreciates the concern. She is doing her very best as a single working mum.”

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