Jodi Anasta has broken her silence on Braith Anasta's new girlfriend.

Break ups are a messy thing.

Especially when that break up is in the public eye and involves a young child. It can be difficult not to have any hard feelings towards the person you once loved.

Yet, Jodi Anasta has proved her grace when questioned about her ex-husband’s new flame.

The former Home and Away star has said she’s “very happy” for ex Braith Anasta, her former husband of three years who has been spotted partying with a new lady love.

Jodi Anasta. Image via Instagram.

"I’m really happy for him — if he’s happy, then I’m happy," the 31-year-old model told The Daily Telegraph

Braith, 34, was spotted with fitness trainer, Rachael Lee earlier this week at Casablaca Bar in Double Bay, Sydney.

Lee, reportedly a single mother-of-one, resides in Bondi, where Braith and her have been seen together frequently in recent weeks. However a source told The Daily Mail the relationship is still 'very new'.

The news comes just four months after Jodi and Braith announced their split in December.

The couple currently share custody of their two-year-old daughter, Aleeia, with Jodi adding, "We are both so focused on Aleeia, it’s about supporting and being there for each other."

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When asked if she was seeing anyone, Jodi said, "I’m too focused on work at the moment, that and looking after my little girl."

It was just three weeks ago that Braith told the Kylie and Jackie O show he and Jodi "tried to make things work for their daughter".

Jodi and Braith with their daughter Aleeia. Image via Instagram.

Jodi, who has said she'll keep her married name as it's the same as her daughter's, also told The Daily Telegraph earlier this year, “Braith’s an amazing father, he really is. He has been a great support, too. I feel pretty lucky having that relationship at the moment, and especially with it being so early; I feel lucky to have that.”

*Feature image via Instagram (L) and Facebook/Casablanca Bar (R).

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