EXCLUSIVE: Don't tell Jodi Anasta being a working mum is easy.

Jodi Anasta has opened up about feeling guilty when she’s away from her daughter, Aleeia for work. She admits she’s just like every other mum in that respect.

When asked what it’s like being a working mum Anasta tells The Motherish, “I’ve started being really honest, it’s tough.”

“I don’t get when women say it’s easy, because it’s tough,” she says.

Jodi Anasta juggling work and mum commitments.

Anasta, along with rugby player husband Braith Anasta, is parent to one-year-old Aleeia.

The 30-year-old Australian model and actress says she sits down with Braith every Sunday afternoon to go through their schedules, planning what they've got on for the week and figuring out how they're going to make it work.

"What he can do, what I can do, what I can't do. With really has to be worth my while - I don't mean that in a rude way. It just has to be something amazing to have the time away from [Aleeia]," Anasta says.

Jodi with her daughter Aleeia. Image via @jodigordon Instagram.

When asked if she ever feels guilty about being away from her daughter for work, the Australian personality admits that she does.

"Yeah, yeah I do," she says. "All mums would get an element of guilt."

While Anasta says she doesn't work five days a week so she doesn't experience 'intense guilt', she says during her one or two day shoots she really feels it. She also tells us that during race season, with her commitments for retail giant Myer, the guilt kicks in.

"Half way through Derby Day it will kick in. And I've just got to swallow it and get on with it," she says.

But Anasta does manage to spend a lot of quality time with her gorgeous toddler and posts a lot of cute snaps to social media of their time together. The doting mum wants her young family to be present on social media, so people can get to know her.

Jodi wants people to know her on a deeper level. Image via @jodigordon Instagram.

"I respect that as a family we need elements of privacy but I also think it's nice to be able to share certain parts of my life with people and for people to get to know me, rather than judge me from a photo or from what I'm wearing," she says.

When there are negative comments judging Jodi, she deals with them in the smartest way possible - she doesn't read them.

"I don't look at them. Or someone deletes them before I see them," she says.

Jodi doesn't let the comments get to her. Image via @jodigordon Instagram.

Anasta was MC for a Huggies event: Hugs for Healing this morning and said it was an honour for her to be involved.

"I mean Huggies, we've all grown up with Huggies," she says.

"The power of a hug is huge. I remember one night I was upset on the bed and Aleeia was just lying next to me watching TV and she just came up and she hugged me and she kissed me on the forehead - just things like that, it's everything in the world," she says.

We love hugs too, Jodi.

This November $1 from every Huggies Nappies Bulk pack will be donated to the Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia, to fund much needed medical equipment. Donations can be made here.

What makes you feel guilty?

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