Jodi Anasta sets the record straight on her 'new boyfriend'.

There’s something Jodi Anasta really, really wants you to know: there’s no new man in her life.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O, the actress revealed her true feelings about the constant reports she has moved on following her split with former professional rugby league player, Braith Anasta.

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“There’s nothing to report,” she replied when asked about photos showing her out on the town with a new man.


“I’m hoping that every time my mates call me and say ‘come out and have a drink’, I don’t have a new boyfriend. It’s annoying!” she said.

“I’m a respectable woman and I’m a mum, and I don’t want to be accused of having a boyfriend every time I go out. It’s not nice…it’s not the way I want to be portrayed.”

The Neighbours star also opened up about her relationship with Braith now that they have separated.

Jodi and Braith with their daughter Aleeia. Image via Instagram.

"We are at such an early stage, with everything that's happened, and to have that support and that great family dynamic going on, and to have mutual respect for each other is very important," she said.

The pair announced their split in December last year, promising to "support each other and remain best of friends."

"We only want the best for each other and more importantly our amazing daughter Aleeia," the statement the couple released following their split read.

Jodi with her daughter, Aleeia. Image via @jodigordon.

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