Jodhi Meares on her new husband and staying best friends with James Packer.

It’s just under two years since images splashed across our screens that former wife of James Packer, Jodhi Meares, had been arrested for drink driving.

She had crashed her 4WD and smashed three other parked vehicles.

Then, in early 2015, her engagement to Jon Stevens, the lead singer of Noiseworks, came to an end, with the media carefully scrutinising the breakdown.

Before they split, the police were called to the couple’s home to arrest Stevens for a domestic fight that lasted over three hours.

jodhi meares interview

Jodhi Meares and Jon Stevens. Image via Getty.

Since then, Meares has vanished from the public eye but an interview with Sunday Style has revealed how she has transformed her life.

The model and businesswoman is now living on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, away from the churn of the city.

"When I'm in Hawaii I get up really early. It's 'country' Hawaii, so there's not even a street light," she says. "In the evening you can drive into town and have dinner, but where I live I'm asleep by 8:30pm."

Meares says she is up at 4am, every morning, taking the time to meditate or walk. Whilst her life may sound a version of paradise we all wish we had, she says that it hasn't and won't always be this way.

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"Life is a constant journey, but the law few years have definitely been challenging.

"I don't think I need to be tougher because I think you can make some strong decisions and still have a huge amount of compassion...Just when you think you've got a handle on things, like will throw you a curve ball.

"It's not a case of, 'I get it all now: I'm always going to make great decisions.' Stuff just happens, that part and parcel of it all."

Away from the spotlight, at the end of last year, Meares also married Nick Tsindos, in a small beach wedding. Despite being 16 years younger than her, the couple seem overwhelmingly happy.

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"We met though friends and it just developed from there," she said.

"It was the last thing either of us was expecting at that time, but was just one of those very magical things, and now we're married...I don't like to talk too much about my relationships, to be honest, but he's just a very creative and gentle soul."


Meares didn't want to go into whether her former husband, James Packer, attended the wedding, but they still remain close friends. After they split in 2002, they vowed to be "the best of friends" and they have stayed true to their promise. In August last year, Meares attended an event with Packer as her date and he also invited her to meet his new girlfriend, Mariah Carey.

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Also on the rise is Meares' company, The Upside, which intends to provide fashionable and professional activewear for women.

"It felt like there was a huge gap in the market for something that was fashionable but still functional," said Meares.

She also considers whether she might move outside the fashion industry and into hospitality.

"I might have a lifetime in Lyra, but [hospitality] is something I've always wanted to do and I've had a couple of really strong ideas," she said.

"I'm thinking about combining new ideas on how a hotel might be or how holidays might be. I'd really love to do them, but we've got to get this one [The Upside] there first!"

Ending the interview, Meares comments she feels the strongest she has even been.

"That's probably an age thing, but the nice thing about becoming older is you also become more accepting.

You become less judgement and have a greater understanding of things."

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