New details on Jodhi Meares' drink driving charges.

Jodhi Meares, who was formerly married to James Packer.

UPDATE: Further details revealed about Jodhi Meares’ alleged DUI on Saturday.

According to numerous reports, former model and fashion designer Jodhi Meares and her fiancé INXS front-man Jon Stevens had a public fight with other diners at a Bondi cafe on Saturday night, before her car crash that evening.

The Daily Telegraph has reported that Meares was drinking wine at a cafe with a friend on the night of the crash, and was reportedly “fairly pickled” at 6.30pm.

Meares and her friend were smoking near other patrons at the restaurant, and continued to do so when Stevens arrived to join the party.

The patron dining near the group told The Daily Telegraph:

“Jon Stevens turned up with a friend and there were four of them there,” he said

“When we finished our meal, we got up and I turned around and said ‘OK, you can smoke your heads off now’.

“Jodhi jumped up and said ‘oh, I’m really, really sorry’. She was lovely and really apologetic. But Jon Stevens grabbed her and said ‘don’t worry about them’.’’

43-year-old Meares also attempted to pay outstanding traffic fines yesterday – which was the reason her licence was originally suspended – but was told by authorities that her licence was cancelled.

Previously, Mamamia reported…

Former model and fashion designer Jodhi Meares – is facing possible jail time after being caught drink-driving this weekend.

The Australian reports that 43-year-old Meares, who was once married to James Packer, was caught driving three times over the limit on Saturday night in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, after she crashed into three parked vehicles and rolled her own 4WD.

Police said she recorded a 0.181 blood alcohol reading, almost four times the legal limit.

Meares’ licence had already been suspended when she had the accident and crashed her Range Rover, just after 9.30pm on Saturday night.

Her own car and two others at the scene were so badly damaged they had to be towed away. Meares luckily escaped without injury.

A witness told The Australian, “We were inside at the time but all we heard was ‘boom!’ I saw the woman in the crashed Range Rover and people ran over to try and help. No one else was hurt.”


Meares has been charged with both high-range drink-driving and driving while suspended. For these charges, she faces the very real prospect of a jail sentence.

Reports say that the maximum penalty for high-range drink-driving is 18 months behind bars and a fine of $3,300.

Michael Mantaj from Armstrong Legal told Mamamia that maximum sentences were usually reserved for worst case scenarios.

“This is not a worst case category offence, it’s what you would call an aggravated offence. I would not expect that Jodhi would be facing the maximum penalty.

“A person in these circumstances could expect to be facing the possibility of a custodial sentence – in other words, a jail sentence of some kind. However, the court may look at a suspended sentence, or a community service order.”

Mr Mantaj also told Mamamia that “every case is different, and we don’t know the circumstances surrounding the accident.” In cases like this the sentencing judge may also look into other factors, such as why the person charged was drinking at the time or any underlying mental health issues.

The former model is currently engaged to INXS singer Jon Stevens, and was previously married to media mogul James Packer. The pair announced their separation in 2002, and later divorced.

Meares had planned to marry Stevens this September – but we think it’s safe to say the wedding celebrations may have to be postponed if there’s a jail sentence.

Meares has been ordered to attend Waverley Local Court on August 5. Her spokesperson has so far declined to comment on the reports.

More details as they emerge.