The jobs to get now, if you still want to be employed in 2030.

There’s hope yet.

Want to survive in the workforce of the future? Much like Liam Neeson in Taken, you’ll need a very specific set of skills.

Unlike Liam Neeson, those skills probably won’t be espionage-related because ‘spy’, as it turns out, isn’t on the list of jobs that are still likely to exist in 2030.

In case you missed it, a recent report suggested that 40 per cent of Australian jobs could be done by robots in a decade.

As much as the prospect of robots as smart as humans is NOT AT ALL TERRIFYING — it does beg the question: What the bloody hell will we all be doing?

‘Are. We. A. Company?’

Now, before you commit yourself to a promising career in the fast-paced world of ‘robot polishing’, we’ve got some good news.

According to a new study by demographer Bernard Salt, the future will not be a bleak, post-apocalyptic wasteland where we all have nothing but free time to make art and go for walks and hang out with one another (thank god). There will be jobs!

In fact, according to this report almost three million more jobs will be created in the next 15 years — with more part-time roles for women and longer careers for older workers.

Here’s what the jobs of the future are gonna look like:

1. The Caregivers

This includes everything from social workers, to beauty therapists, nannies and fitness instructors.

Salt predicts we could be doing our future group fitness classes via video link. I imagine it will be much like doing the Jane Fonda work out, but live.

2. The Technocrats

AKA people with big brains filled with specialised knowledge, such as electrical engineers, medical researchers and business entrepreneurs.

AKA rich people.

3. The Specialist Professions

Not butchers, bakers and candlestick makers… the ‘specialists’ include things like doctors, dentists, urban planners and teachers. Increasingly, people will be able to access medical care remotely.

Excuse me, I’m just contacting my GP via electronic mail.

4. The Doers

People who ‘do’ stuff. Duh. Like plumbers, carpenters and electricians — and waiters. No matter HOW smart the robots get, they won’t be able to deflect your crap as well as a sassy real-life waiter.

5. The Creatives

The creatives of the future are much like the creatives of the present: stylists, social media wiz kids, writers, photographers, art people and, for some reason, yoga instructors were included in this category.

I would love to see a robot attempt a downward dog, just saying.