2016's cutest couple is this woman and her job offer.

Who doesn’t love a love story?

Benita Abraham‘s long search has come to an end, and she’s finally found the one. The job of her dreams, that is.

After seven months of job hunting, 37-year-old Abraham found her dream job. As with any big milestone, she decided the best way to celebrate was with a photo shoot — and a Facebook post.

In an album titled “#Employed“, Abraham shared photos from her engagement-style shoot with her framed employment offer letter.

"I finally found my soulmate, my perfect match." Image: Facebook/Benita Abraham. 

The 17-photo collection features Abraham in all the classic happy couple poses you're used to seeing all over your social media feeds.

"So excited to share my happy news with my FB family!" she wrote on Facebook.

#loveatfirstinterview Image via Facebook: Benita Abraham.

"I finally found my soulmate, my perfect match, my boo. After seven long months, I found the perfect job with a company that truly cares about its employees and one I will learn so much from."

She followed up with the hashtags "#employed #myboo #loveatfirstinterview #LTR #careergrowth #perfectmatch #photoshoot #notjustforbabiesmarriagesandbirthdays #workin9to5"

"It was just a way for me to kind of share this news in a silly and creative way that's true to my personality," Abraham tells ABC News about the shoot.

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The best part? This love story already has a happy ending.

Abraham started her new job on Monday and tells ABC News, "It was amazing! I learned so much, and it was just a half day."

True love lives!

"So excited to share my happy news with my FB family!" Image via Facebook: Benita Abraham.

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