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Theatre company's job ad for millennial staffers goes viral for all the wrong reasons.

A job advertisement in the UK has gone viral for all the wrong reasons: It’s offended millennials—and when millennials are offended, the internet steps in to lend a hand.

The advertisement, posted to the Arts Council website, was for a grafting position at London’s Tea House Theater.

The company directors, who signed as HG Iggulden and IF Rushton, thought the best way to attract said grafter would be to insult an entire generation.

The job advert begins “Dear Millenials… [sic]”

Yep, good start when you spell the generation you so deeply hate incorrectly.

“Are you just not taught anything about existing in the real world, where every penny counts?” it asks.

“Did no one teach you that the end of your studies is the beginning of your education?”

The pair said they’d had no luck with previous appointments, lamenting the fact they were “putting this advert up for the third time in as many months.”

They then went onto boast, patronise and boast some more about the Tea House Theater and how it’s survived a recession—and that it’s all down to the hard work of people who know how to work because they’re definitely not millennials.

“One old lady used to run the whole of Mountainview Academy with an IBM computer. It shouldn’t be this hard,” the posting reads.


For which I have a few questions:

One: Who’d want to work for anyone who refers to women as “old ladies”?

Two: What the f*ck is an IBM computer?

“We have not been impressed so far,” it finished with a delightful, “Yours sincerely.”

Iggulden has since come up with a highly original excuse for the offensive letter, telling The Telegraph“Obviously I was writing it with a bit of frustration and I was a bit disappointed with the job market.”

It goes without saying: The advert has since been taken down and no millennial will ever work for the Tea House Theater ever again.