Jimmy Kimmel shows us the true pain of childhood

‘Daddy and I ate ALL of it.’

Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge is become a staple of the holiday. The Jimmy Kimmel Live host asks parents to film themselves telling their children that they have eaten all of their Halloween candy.

The entire stash. Gone. Devoured.

Because what’s funnier than watching little kids lose their tiny minds in a combination of utter sadness and a sugar-high come-down?

Candy gone? Can’t. Compute.

Needless to say, there are many tears shed, and many more wobblies thrown. The reactions range from the classic (if a little melodramatic) “I never want to see you again!” or “I HATE YOU!” to the slightly more creative, “You turkey butt-hole.”

It’s abundantly clear these kids are NOT. Happy.

You can watch the video in full here:

Except this guy, who  just said, “That’s okay, Mama.”

His parents should be very proud.

Bless his generosity. His mum must be feeling pretty smug right now. And rightly so.

Kimmel’s cruel and unusual form of torture has grown so popular that now celebrities are taking part.

The year Avengers actor Mark Ruffalo played the prank on his own children and their friends. “It was cruel,” he says.

Screams, chasing and violence ensue. Kids, don’t you know this guy is The Hulk? Let him eat the candy, for your own safety!

Check it out:

What do you think? Hilarious, or a little bit mean?

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