WATCH: This comedian and doctors take down anti-vaxxers in an hilarious video.

Laughter is the best medicine. After actual medicine, that is.

After a deadly measles outbreak in the US this year that started in Disneyland and spread across the country, it’s clear that vaccination rates in America are dangerously low.

Late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, knows whose to blame – anti-vaccination advocates. So he has joined with doctors to make an hilarious video that sends a message to anti-vaxxers: your message is dangerous – but we’re still going to have a laugh at your expense.

In a devastating but rib-tickling take-down, Kimmel tells his audience: “Here in LA, there are schools in which 20 percent of the students aren’t vaccinated because parents here are more scared of gluten than smallpox.”

Kimmel admitted that anti-vaccine campaigners aren’t necessarily going to take advice from a talk show host, but he said he would expect people to take medical advice from “almost every doctor in the world,” because “they didn’t learn about the human body from their friends’ Facebook page.”

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He is then joined by a group of doctors who are, frankly, quite offended that you would rather listen to celebrities and strangers on the internet, rather than your doctor who has spent eight years at University.

And, we have to give a language warning, because these doctors are seriously pissed.

“Remember that time you got polio? No, you don’t. Because your parents got you f*cking vaccinated.”

Preach it, doc.