Watch: The moment Jimmy Fallon realised he could have married Nicole Kidman.

Aussie actress Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban have one of the strongest relationships around. We know this because we’re qualified psychologists* and one over-the-top pash on the red carpet plus a few PDAs in television interviews and we can be convinced of anything.

Also, in the world of Hollywood where a marriage of more than 2 years is considered in the running for a diamond wedding anniversary – there’s not denying these tow are in love.

But – SHOCK AND HORROR – the world has just found out that Nicole and Keith’s love very nearly almost never eventuated.

It very nearly didn’t become this…

Because Nicole had a schoolgirl crush on someone else.

Jimmy Fallon.

The 47-year-old Australian actress appeared on an American talk show The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon this week and reminisced about a time where they (Nicole and host, Jimmy) went on a date.

Well, a sort of date.

During the interview Jimmy explains his side of the events – where a mutual friend of his and Nicole’s (Rick) told him that the Australian actress wanted to meet him to talk about a part in Bewitched or something (he finds it hard to recall).

Jimmy says that Rick told him Nicole was 10 minutes away and would pop in to see him. Jimmy was in shock and didn’t know what to do because he didn’t have cheese. Cheese was apparently vital.

Jimmy Fallon telling his side of the events.

Rick helped Jimmy out over the phone to find the right cheese. Next minute Kidman arrives at Fallon’s house. He’s bought some fancy (brie) cheese and is expecting to talk about the possible movie role.

Nicole’s recollection of events are quite different. Nicole admits she actually had quite the crush on Jimmy (single at the time of course). She says she was keen on him, and told their friend Rick that she wanted to meet him. She said she turned up and Jimmy was in a baseball cap and said nothing to her but ‘Hey’ ‘hmph’…grumble, shuffle…you know the gig.

Nicole’s interpretation of Jimmy in his cap. Jimmy’s face says it all.

At this point in the interview Jimmy falls off his chair with red-faced embarrassment.

No words.

Man down.

Kidman says, “It was bad,” as she continues to explain that Jimmy put on a video game while she was there. The Australian actress was devastated when she came to the realisation that he just wasn’t interested. So she left.

By now Jimmy is back on his chair, in shock as you would be after you realise that you blew your chance with Nicole Kidman.

The host is speechless once again. But he’ll have you in hysterics and will forever go down in history as the guy who turned down Nicole Kidman with video games, a baseball cap and brie cheese.