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14 people share the worst ways they were dumped and gee staying single looks good right now.

Being dumped is a deeply personal experience that has the capacity to stay with you years after the initial stab to the heart.

Jimmy Fallon knows this, which is why he decided to find out the very worst ways people have been dumped in the name of good content.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Show host posted a tweet asking his followers to share their stories using the hashtag #HowIGotDumped.

To help people tap into their darkest memories of heartbreak, the dad-of-two shared his own experience.



What followed was a series of tweets that incite a vast range of emotions, from unadulterated joy and pure pity to to an anger you didn’t know you could muster.





And then, there was this guy.

How good is love, right?

Do you have a great, or not so great, dumping story? Tell us in the comment below!

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